March 2007
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My Swearing In Ceremony Press Release

Just doing some searches to find where certain articles come up in Google and I found this little press release from 2004 when my group was sworn in to our service. It’s somewhat optimistic with typical press release jargon but a reminder of those days.

On Monday, August 30, the volunteers will depart for communities across […]

Having Fun With School Exams

Wish I had been creative enough for some of these answers. 🙂

Eek A Mouse Concert In Seattle

I have to say I did not enjoy this concert as much as the Morgan Heritage show I went to on Wednesday. I guess the crowd is just different and the style of performance is as well. Even when I was in Jamaica many people I asked did not know of Eek so most of […]

Morgan Heritage Concert in Seattle

I finally got to go to a Reggae concert! I tried to see Anthony B back in November but that fell through. This time it was Morgan Heritage which is a great reggae band that’s been around for a while. I had always heard of them but never paid them much attention until recently I […]

My Network Attached Storage Solution – Part 2

I sure wasn’t wrong about there being issues when setting up some new computer system. It’s part of what makes working with computers so challenging and fun but it can also be quite frustrating. I did get my case, motherboard and power supply the day after my hard drives arrived and everything was assembled for […]