April 2021
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Finally I Can Upload Photos In WordPress 2.5!

I’ve been a bit bad about uploading photos lately and I’ll tell you why. After I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 I found I couldn’t upload anything while using Linux. I tried on my work laptop which runs Vista and it worked just fine so I used that for the photos of my mom’s fence. Now […]

Host Unreachable When Pinged

I just modded my second xbox which I got from my cousin. I gave it a static IP, put it on the network and everything looked good from the xbox side. Then I tried to FTP to it to load on some programs. Could not connect. I tried to ping and this is what I […]

Small Bash Script to Count Seconds

So the short story is I got a small UPS for my tv, xbox and cable modem so that I won’t be interrupted by small power hiccups. I decided I wanted to know how long my CRT tv and xbox would continue while watching a movie so I needed something to count with while I […]

Eben Moglen on The dotCommunist Manifesto

I watched this video sometime last year and found it fascinating. I’m always looking for new Eben Moglen videos online because he is such a great speaker. I admit the video is long but if you would really like to learn how copyright and so called “Intellectual Property” are affecting our culture set aside some […]

Demo of Cain – Man in The Middle Attack

I just came across this on Slashdot. It’s an excellent demo showing just how easy it is to initiate a MITM attack for websites which don’t use SSL for login. You won’t be able to follow every step because it’s a short video but if you know what you are doing it should be relatively […]