August 2020
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Australian Youths Get Revenge on Stupid Automated Speed Trap
Niiiiiiiice! Personally, I hate the idea of automated speeding mechanisms. Unless they know it is YOU driving the car, how can they send the ticket?

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Oh, and I don’t care if it’s an urban legend or not — just the thought of it makes me happy.

What Keeps Poor Countries Poor

Reason Magazine has an article titled Why Poor Countries Are Poor. I wasn’t sure what to expect when reading it but it does cover some things that anyone who’s tried to help development in a poor country will notice right away. I found this paragraph to sum up the major points:

There’s no point investing in […]

Absurd Piracy Claims

From Slashdot —

Full article about the retarded claims of the MPAA industry. These people really don’t understand their customers at all….

Woman Chases Down Her Identity Theif

I would be furious! Actually seeing the person that made your life hell? Too bad the sentence handed down was so weak.

American Idol Laying It On a Bit Thick

This whole Idol Gives Back thing is gettin on my nerves. Sure the stuff they show is sad and supposed to be touching and it would be if I actually thought they cared. Call me cynical but I don’t really think one week of your show dedicated to people in need is really giving back.

Yea, […]