March 2019
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Day at The Park

I called up Jess this afternoon and he, Richard, and Michelle were going to the park to play some tennis and things so I came and tagged along. I met Richard and Michelle a couple weeks back at a game day in Jess’ apartment and they are fun to be around. Richard also brought along […]

Internet Content Filtering Survey

Please take this Software Filters and Content Rating Survey that my friend Eddy is doing for school. He’s a great guy and this is his last big school project. He needs around 400 respondents so every little bit helps!

Why is it so Difficult to Give the Customer What They Paid For?

I just got off the phone with a customer service agent from American Airlines and even though I finally got what I asked for in the end I am quite upset. Here’s the deal:

I was flying from Seattle to Orlando by way of Dallas on May 30 for work and when I got to the […]

Paintball last Saturday

For the first time last Saturday I went paintballing with some friends. I had never gone before and in reality when I was younger I was scarred of getting hit. My friend Jemaal had planned it for the birthday party of his niece and we were supposed to have an entire field just for ourselves. […]

Final Thoughts on The Venetian

The rooms of The Venetian certainly were nice as I mentioned before. The service left me desiring a little however. I’m a bit tired of relating the story so I’ll give the short version.

After work on the second day my room key would not work. I went to my coworker’s room and used his […]