January 2008

Sundance Tickets Are Worthless

If you are not in your seat 30 minutes prior to the start of the movie. Nevermind the fact that the tickets are paid for in advance. Hmmm, maybe they’re not up on the definition of a ticket:

a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something[…]


  1. We had tickets
  2. We were there before the movie began

  3. We were told our seats had been sold to persons at the door 15 minutes prior to the movie showtime

When asking if we could exchange the tickets for another film that was beginning shortly (but not within 15minutes) we were told we could only stand in line and purchase a ticket with everyone else. Basically, the ticket which should entitle us to something entitled us to nothing but a belittling attendant at the front door. Hey, I guess they do get it — that is something.

Ticket Front:
(where I would expect all pertinent information)

Baghead Ticket — Front

Ticket Back:
(where I would expect advertising and legal small print)

Baghead Ticket — Back

If you look closely at the back you can see it mentions that the ticket in-fact entitles you to nothing. Basically they want to sell more tickets than they have seats so they make more money. What was the theme of Sundance again?

the goal of the festival was to showcase what the potential of independent film could be.

Ahhh, now I see it. The independent films are always made by money-grubbing bastards, aren’t they?

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