March 2007

Having Fun With School Exams

Wish I had been creative enough for some of these answers. 🙂

7 comments to Having Fun With School Exams

  • daphne

    “but his boss fired him. explain”
    -he slept with the bosses’ wife

    “does the object continue to move after it comes to rest?”
    -no there is an elephant in the way

    HAHAHAHAHA! oh man, kids say the darnest things.

    did i tell you a story my ex colleague told me? his friend was supposed to write a composition about courage. he wrote 3 words “this is courage” and he passed. o_O

  • Yes, those are great! So simple and genius.

    Can’t believe he passed with that! Must have been a cool teacher 🙂

  • daphne

    just writing 3 words for your compo for EXAM deserves a pass you know. lol 😉

  • LOL!! That’s too funny!!

  • I got the link to that blog from your site Chad 🙂

  • Seems to be a rather interesting and smart guy. I found his site looking for some web eye-candy sometime back. I probably should get out and read my links a bit more often…I missed that post! 😀

  • I can’t say I read my own links all that much. He does seem to be knowledgeable and interesting.

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