July 2008

Brother And Sister Up To Visit

Aria and Langston came up to stay with me on the weekend of the 4th of July. I was a little worried about their ability to keep from fighting with each other over the weekend but they did alright; considering they’re both teenagers. haha. Ok so they probably won’t appreciate that but it’s true!

Well we hung out and stayed up late playing video games. Sunday I took Langston by the skate-park in Edmonds. so he could skate a bit. He really reminds me of my friend Brandon back in high school. He used to skate everywhere and was always talking about it or reading the magazines.

Well, I got a few pics of Langston Skating and then one group photo of the 3 of us.

2 comments to Brother And Sister Up To Visit

  • Aria

    You fight with us too…geez, lol. We got some sweet shots of Langy skateboarding, I really like the one of all three of us…you’re making this really funny face in the pic, lol, I think the sun was in your eyes or something. Love you!

  • Hehe, yea but I don’t fight as much as you two do. And yea the sun was really bright so I only put the pic up because it’s the only one we have. We should get a better one next time! 🙂

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